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Metro K9 Detection Services

Trained for Safety & Reliability


The Process


We provide a confidential and discreet drug detection service for your home.

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Our Drug Sniffing Team provides an employer peace of mind for running a drug free workplace.

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Detection dogs are the least intrusive way of detecting illegal substances in schools.

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To provide a cost effective

solution, tailored to our client’s

needs, for reliable drug

detection at your location.

Our Mission:


We Get Results!

    Why use Metro K9 Drug

    Detection Services?

    Scientific studies show a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 more accurate than a human’s. This is the reason law enforcement and US Border Patrol use canine sniffers for narcotics detection.


    Using drug sniffing dogs, officers have seized packages of marijuana hidden beneath the seats in a car as well as finding cocaine stored inside a tire.


    We are 100% Private, Discreet and Confidential.


    Veteran Owned / Semper Fi

    Our Teams

    Our teams can detect the following narcotics Marijuana, PCP, Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine with the street name of “Ice, Glass and Crystal” and MDMA street name of “Ecstasy or Molly”


    Our K-9’s are carefully trained to safely and reliably work in a wide array of locations, including, homes, schools and workplace environments. When a sniffer dog detects an odor (residual or

    otherwise), it is trained to let the handler know with a passive signal. This allows drug discovery to be managed at our client’s discretion.