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Metro K9 Detection Services

Business Services

Our Mission:

To provide a cost effective

solution, tailored to our client’s

needs, for reliable drug

detection at your location.

Metro K9 Drug Detection Services In Your Business

The advantages of our ‘Drug Sniffing Team’ is to provide an employer peace of mind for running a drug free workplace. Metro K9 Detection Services are easily implemented allowing a wide coverage area at a reduced cost when compared to the costs of random drug testing. In addition, our team’s procedure is non-disruptive to the workplace.


Depending on the message and impact you want to send to your employees our search teams presences can be either be very visible or very discrete.


We will inspect common areas, lockers, parking lots, as well as warehouses, and offices. When an illegal substance is discovered within your premises our team marks the area.  We do not perform any searches. It is the client who then performs the search and determines what action will be appropriate.


Our service helps reduce claims expense and improve workforce productivity. Periodic visits can create a strong deterrent for anyone to be in possession of, trafficking in, or using drugs in the workplace.


Due to the confidential nature of our reports, no law enforcement agency or unauthorized persons or agencies, or institutions will see your report, without your express, written permission.

Transportation Services:

Is your company compliant with US DOT regulations for random and unannounced drug testing?

Transitional Housing and Narcotic Treatment Centers Services:

Transitional Housing

Keeping these settings drug free is a top priority. As most transitional homes are community designed to provide space for a safe and successful recovery, residents introducing narcotics to the environment puts the entire program at risk. We suggest conducting searches of your facility prior to the arrival of residents to detect the location of narcotics that were previously hidden as well as searching the property during the period of residence and after residents have departed.

Treatment Centers

We understand the emotional and psychological difficulties of battling substance abuse disorders. Unfortunately some residents are not ready to perform the necessary task to fight their addiction.  Our services aid in preventing drugs from entering a facility thereby holding those in recovery accountable to the process and preventing a relapse from recovery for his or herself and other in recovery.


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