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Metro K9 Detection Services

The Process

Our Mission:

To provide a cost effective

solution, tailored to our client’s

needs, for reliable drug

detection at your location.

The Process

We will do a needs analysis of our services based on your current needs. This will consist of a history of what has been your experiences in past with any speculations or actual occurrences of narcotics at your current location or past locations.


Based on the information gathered during this fact finding process. It will be determined as to how we will deploy the team assigned to your search. When we are doing searches at a residence it is best to be very discreet. For businesses and schools it will be based on the message you want to send too your employees or students in which case we can be either very visible or discreet.

We can also provide a demonstration of our services with the staff members involved in decision process.


When a search is conducted, a staff member needs to be present during the search. Our canine unit locates any narcotics, it will alert us to the find with a passive signal by assuming an unassisted sitting position. Your staff member will then do what is necessary to physically expose the findings.


A report documenting our findings will be provided for you if needed.


We Get Results!